Ion Susarenco, Tattoo Artist Surrey

Ion Susarenco

Tattoo Artist Surrey


Tattoo artist with over 5 year experience.

Styles: Horror, Traditional, Black and Grey, Script and Lettering, Geometric

Each tattoo is a story etched into the skin, a reflection of the client’s inner world and my artistic vision, bringing a unique blend of traditional art and modern trends into my work.

Dive deeper into the fusion of traditional art and contemporary trends showcased throughout the portfolio, where each piece embodies a unique blend of timeless craftsmanship and modern flair. Discover the journey of self-expression through ink, where art meets skin and stories come to life.

Your journey with Ion goes beyond skin deep – it’s a celebration of your individuality and personal narrative. From meaningful symbols to intricate patterns, Ion collaborates with you to create a tattoo that reflects your identity and tells your story with authenticit

As a leading tattoo artist, Ion sets the standard for excellence in the industry. His commitment to innovation and client satisfaction makes every session a memorable and transformative experience, leaving you with a tattoo that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Tattoo Artist Surrey whose every stroke is carefully crafted to weave together the client’s personal narrative and the artist’s visionary touch, resulting in a masterpiece that speaks volumes. Whether it’s the haunting allure of Horror, the timeless elegance of Traditional, the subtle shades of Black and Grey, the poetic beauty of Script and Lettering, or the geometric precision of Geometric designs, each style is executed with finesse and precision.

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