Tattoos - Sterilization

Your health and safety comes first !

Sterilization is a big concern to us at Evil by Needle. We always exceed all health code procedures for the tattoo and piercing industry. All reusable tools are autoclaved and we clean and check the autoclave monthly. We are continuously looking for new ways of protecting our clients and maintaining a safe, sterile environment. We always use new needles, and all tubes, tips and grips are cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner which uses heat and sound vibrations. The instruments are then rinsed and packaged in individual autoclave bags with color change indicator strips. The bags are then autoclaved (which uses pressure and heat) to sterilize the instruments and the sterilized bags are not opened until the tattoo machine is to be used. . The autoclave is cleaned and tested monthly.

All dispensed items such as, inks, ink caps, ointment etc. are single-use only and disposed of after use. Tattoo needles are used ONCE and disposed of. The tattoo room is cleaned before and after each and every tattoo with a surface disinfectant and decontaminate. Disposable gloves are worn for all tattoo work.

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