Tattoos - Aftercare


The life of your new tattoo is dependent upon the care it receives within the first few days. It takes about two weeks to heal and two more to settle in. Keep your dressing on for three to six hours. Remove the bandage and wash the tattoo firmly with clean, mild soapy water. Use your hand not a cloth – no fingernails. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat two more times. Remove all Vaseline from skin. Make sure it does not feel slippery. Lightly pat dry with a towel each time.

Your tattooist may make several suggestions on what to put on your tattoo. Whatever you agree to put on it, use extremely sparingly. Too much of anything can increase scabbing and increase your chances of touch ups. If you inadvertently put on too much, dab off excess with tissue.

  • Do not re-bandage your tattoo!
  • Do not use alcohol or peroxide!
  • Do not pick or scratch tattoo!
  • Do not soak in tub or shower!
  • Get in, Get clean, Get out!
  • Stay out of pools, hot tubs, oceans etc for 2 weeks!
  • Keep tattoo out of direct sunlight or tanning beds!

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