Don Hart

Don Hart

In the mid part of 1999 I decided I wanted a change from the airbrushing business I had started years before. After some serious convincing, my wife agreed to support my idea of a tattoo business and I converted my in-home airbrush studio into a tattoo parlor.

I found it difficult to get into this industry – other tattoo artists were reluctant to help someone that hadn’t had a proper apprenticeship (I understand why now). Convinced that I could teach myself, and after many years of paying close attention to the artists that tattooed me, reading everything I could and attending every seminar I could find, I picked up a tattoo machine and tattooed myself (it wasn’t as easy as it looked). After using my self as a guinea pig, I talked friends and family into allowing me to practice my craft on them. They were extremely supportive after seeing what I had done in my previous endeavors.

In February of 2000 I started Evil By Needle Tattoo. By 2002 I found I had out grown my garage and had to move to the location that we are in now.

Within 3 years we had outgrown the space we had and took over the place next door.
Family, friends and some awesome customers helped to tear down the wall and re-build my shop and we continue to change and upgrade the surroundings to make it more comfortable for our customers. I wanted a place that’s not just about the tattoos but is also about having fun while you’re being tattooed! We strive to make everyone feel welcome.

I would like to apologize to my customers for some uneasiness that could be felt around the shop in the past. The uneasiness is now gone and I want to say thanks to all of you that have stuck by me through thick and thin!